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From Minneapolis to Malibu – Daniel Fitzgibbons

Daniel Edward Fitzgibbons2

“Catching a wave,” “Hanging ten,” “Toes on the nose,” these are all famous phrases about surfing. While sitting in a humid and hot Minneapolis, one can dream about the waves of Malibu, California and the breeze from the dry desert air. Southern California was once all desert that lead out to the ocean, and while Los Angeles has planted many a green plant and established sophisticated aqueduct systems, the dry air that remains in the area comes from its desert roots.

Should you ever get the chance to travel to Malibu, a famous activity is that of surfing. Daniel Fitzgibbons of Minneapolis waxes poetic about the feeling of being on a board in the Pacific. While the water tends to be cooler in the Pacific ocean, it is often a well met reprieve from what can be sweltering heat. Sitting out in the middle of the ocean is a place where your mind can drift and you can enjoy the beauty of the nature around you. Daniel Fitzgibbons relates this to a zen experience. The first attempt at surfing can be tricky… and so can the second. It is recommended to take a lesson first just to get the hang of it, and from there you can build your skills upon a firm foundation. If you are looking for a way to leave your worries behind and get some great exercise, surfing in a spot like Malibu could be just the ticket.

The Business Career of Daniel Edward Fitzgibbons

Daniel Edwards FitzgibbonsBusiness is also important to Daniel Edward Fitzgibbons, of course. Without business success, he couldn’t so much of the community work he loves so much. He currently works in the Minneapolis office of EMC Corporation, where he is a Data Protection Business Manager. He has become a business leader in the Twin Cities over the years.For it’s part, EMC Corporation has been around for nearly 40 years, and it has growing into a very prominent IT company, producing billions in revenue every quarter and employing more than 70,000 in offices around the world.

For his part, Daniel Edward Fitzgibbons himself has more than 25 years of technology and sales experience under his belt, and he also has a significant educational background, including a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Business Administration from Moorhead State University in Minnesota, having transferred from North Dakota State University, in his hometown of Fargo.

He also loves where he grew up; he even started college close to home and only transferred across the state line, which is where Moorehead State is located. He is now married and has two children and moved to the Twin Cities some time ago. He loves his community so much that he tries hard to give back when he can. For example, Dan works with a number of charities in the Greater Minneapolis Area, including Dress for Success Twin Cities, which seeks to increase the economic independence of women through empowerment. He also works with several non-profits with a mission of helping the poor and homeless in the Twin Cities, like Bridging, which provides those transitioning out of homelessness with basic household items.